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Children's book author, publisher, business consultant and aloe vera dealer. An unusual combination. And with consideration and respect for people as one of the core values.

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For many years, Siv Iren has carried a dream. A dream to publish his father's stories about Petrine and the Great Crab. 

With her own twist.

Using systematic methodology (A3 and LEAN) and use of available time, the book publication is now a reality. Publication date book #1 19/8-2022.

Coloring book published 19/11-2022.

Publication date for book #2 12/8-2023.




Siv Iren has extensive experience from various roles and tasks in business, both from KPMG, Ernst & Young, Equinor and Moreld TekniskBureau. Amongst other things, she was involved in starting the LEAN work in Statoil (Equinor) in 2015. She has extensive experience in change management and employee development as part of operationalizing and evaluating strategic initiatives.



When one of the major publishers in Norway rejected the script for Petrine og Storekrabben, Siv Iren decided to publishthe books by herself. 

"As said, so done". 

Do you need help getting your book published and want to keep your artistic freedom? Feel free to contact Sita Insight and we will arrange a non-binding meeting and see how we can collaborate further.


Aloe vera

It is important to take care of yourself and give yourself the conditions you need (and have the opportunity to) to feel good. As an independent retailer of quality aloe vera products, I give both me and my family the best.


Sita Insight - reading at schools, museums, kindergardens and other happenings

Childrens book

Passion for Ocean - Bergen

Passion for Ocean Bergen

Foldnes School


Bergen Maritime Museum


On Saturday 21/10 I will once again attend Bergen Maritime Museum and had have a reading session from the children's book about Petrine and the Great Crab.Lots of good feedback from both children and adults from my visit in April. Hopefully I will see you on Saturday 12:00 or 14:00 :-)

3 juni i Bergen - på Marineholmen

Passion for Ocean festival was held in Bergen 3rd of June at Marineholmen. The weatherr treated us well, the program for the day was educational, interesting and fun. At 10:30 am, I read from my childrens book about Petrine and the Giant Crab with the subtitle "Plastic by the seaside". Maybe you were there too?

In relation to the national education plan, the children must gain experience with culture. And several of the schools focus on the desire to read and the joy of reading. Being visited by an author and having reading time is therefore both a cultural feature and the children learn to listen to reading aloud. And it's motivating. We also focus on sustainability and the environment. The theme in the book about Petrine and the Big Crab is thus also about the environment. So your visit gave the students more pegs to hang on to.Do you also want to book me to SFO?

Honor to Siv Iren and Sita Insight

There was a good atmosphere when Øygarden Municipality invited to the Cultural and Sports Gala to honor solid achievements in the municipality for 2022. Øygarden Municipality has around 40,000 inhabitants and a wide selection in both cultural and sporting life.

Siv Iren was rewarded by the major Tom Georg Indrevik and given a rose from Department Manager Cultur; Christel Møvik-Olsen.

Cultural and sports gala
Cultural and sports galla


The children wanted to hear the book one more time. We use it a lot now in the nursery, as our theme is the sea.

Greetings from a Kindergarden in Lofoten, Norway


A lovely children's book, good interaction between text and drawings. Important theme.

Bergen Maritime Museum


I read the book with my grand-son on the bed at bedtime.

It was so cozy!


When I read to my 6-year-old grandson, the 10-year-old also came over and wanted to listen :-)